Membership Application Requirements

  1. A proposer must have known the candidate for at least three years and skied with him or her.  The proposer must also know the candidate’s immediate family, if any.
  2. A seconder must have known the candidate for at least one year and have skied, hiked or otherwise spent time with the applicant.
  3. The proposer shall be responsible for submitting a completed application accompanied by the following:
    1. His or her letter of support
    2. The seconder’s letter of support
    3. The candidate’s letter of interest
    4. Letters of support from three additional members.
  4. Prior to the submission of his/her application, a candidate must attend at least three Club events.  These events can include a Club event at Mad River or a stay for two days as a guest of a member.   The candidate is encouraged to bring his or her immediate family to events, if age appropriate.
  5. A candidate must be known by at least two current governors, who must formally support the candidate by signing his / her application.
  6. Preference will be given to candidates living in the greater NY Metro region.

Updated 11/2021